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Data Append Services
Data Append Services.

Data enhancement makes data more useful in terms of fulfilling campaigns and getting data into a good state for analysis. It is also useful for meeting certain legal requirements.

A sample of our data can be downloaded here: Oblong_DB_Sample.xls

We have the following and more available for data appending:

* SIC Plus is our own more detailed classification system, based on 2007 SIC codes to
4 digit and then enhanced with a more detailed breakdown than standard SIC.

Higher match rates

We use our own software Unity to perform all of our data enhancement
and matching. Unity is used by many other data companies, but as we
wrote the software we know how to drive it best and achieve the best
matching/data appending results.

One step beyond

We also use other tools we have created to supplement our data appending, for
example AutoSIC is our own tool for adding SIC codes to data just based on the
company name. If you were to scan down a list of company names, you would be able
to tell what many of them do just from the name, for example with ‘Franks Butchers’ and ‘The Butchers Arms’, our software would know that one of these is a butcher and the other is a pub.

The AutoSIC software alone allows us to reliably add SIC codes to around 40% of most data sets.

Steps to customer satisfaction

We make sure our clients have full confidence in our products before they sign off on them.

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