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We act as a behind the scenes Data Processing department to other solutions providers.

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Append Data
Data Append Services.

Enhance Your Business Data

Need to analyse trends in your customers? Need SIC codes for official documentation? Need contact information added to an existing business list? Our append services can help you.

Higher match rates

We use our own software Unity to perform all of our data enhancement and matching. Unity is used by many other data companies, but as we wrote the software we know how to drive it best and achieve the best matching/data appending results.

One step beyond

We also use other tools we have created to supplement our data appending, for example AutoSIC is our own tool for adding SIC codes to data just based on the company name.
If you were to scan down a list of company names, you would be able to tell what many of them do just from the name, for example with ‘Franks Butchers’ and ‘The Butchers Arms’, our software would know that one of these is a butcher and the other is a pub.

Some of the elements we can add:
   o SIC code and description
   o Our own SIC Plus code and description
   o Employee band
   o Turnover band
   o Telephone/Fax Numbers
   o Senior Contacts
   o Company links
   o VAT numbers
   o Companies House registrations numbers

SIC coding
Our forte is SIC coding, our average SIC coding success rate is 99% of the businesses in any database when using our automated solution followed by manual research.

Manual Data Cleansing

Our dedicated team of manual data boffins are on hand to clean, enhance & check data. we'll go that extra mile to improve the quality of your data.

If you have a bespoke manual data requirement drop us a line and we'll see what we can do to help! Don't worry it doesn't have to be a business data enquiry we clean all sorts of data. 

Buy Data
Buy Business Lists.

Purchase Business lists

There are 2.6 million businesses in the UK that pay VAT or are on the PAYE system. Our databases try and include as many of these businesses as we can plus many Small Office/Home Office (SoHo) businesses.

Knowledge of data sources

If you need a list of businesses we can help. We'll discuss your requirements and offer the best data for your purpose. We have our own business universe plus we are brokers of many 3rd party business databases. Our experts know which data is best to use when and we'll get you a good price!

Check out our Tips for choosing a supplier

Our 2 main business data sources:

Standard business database max price* £90+VAT per thousand. A great source of data for postal/telephone campaigns, built by us from many reputable sources of data.

Premium business database max price* at £230+VAT per thousand. The best performing UK business data we have found, researched on a 10 month cycle and includes over 750,000 email addresses.

* Discounts are given based the number of records purchased.

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Market Analysis.

Market Analysis

There are 2.9 million businesses that are either VAT registered or part of the PAYE scheme. No private company including us has a database with details of all of these UK businesses, but we can get very close!

We take headline universe information from the government as to how many businesses there are by industry, region etc and combine this with detailed information on 2+ million business sites we actually know of to create a very detailed weighted business universe. So when you add up the weighted values of all of the businesses in our database you get 2.9 million. This weighted business universe is as close to an actual snapshot of all UK businesses as you can get in the private sector.

We can then use our weighted universe to drill down to find out for example how many pubs there are likely to be in a town as opposed to just those we know of.

We hold this information going back several years so market trends can be analysed.

Our weighted business universe is available for purchase, contact us for more information


Do you know your market share of UK businesses?

We offer market share analysis reports. We take your customer database, add industry classifications, company size information and regional identifiers, and then we are able to compare your customer base to our weighted business universe.

If required, we can add your sales territories into the mix and make comparisons. Do your sales people in Cornwall do better in a certain sector? If so, what are they doing differently to other regions, and therefore can you make inroads country-wide in that sector?

Then, on a year-upon-year basis, we can build on the analysis, giving you an annual report of how your market share compares over time.

We can also identify and supply targetted lists of potential new customers from chosen sectors, so you can work to increase your market share.

Outsourced Solutions
Outsourced Data Processing.

Data Solutions
We are experts at analysing, processing and crunching data.

Automate your processes
Do you run the same process over and over again by hand? Are your staff tied up producing monthly/quarterly/annual products/reports? We can take these jobs off your hands and automate them freeing up your staff to perform less repetitive duties.

Unity Matching Software

Unity matching software

This year we celebrated the 10th birthday of our Unity matching software. Unity links company / address / person data together so that the same entity can be identified and linked across multiple seperate databases. Unity also has the functionality to clean  address data by utilising the royal mail postal address file

We use Unity mainly to link our clients data to our data so we can move data elements onto client data, Unity can also be licensed to 3rd parties..

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