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We continually collect & update our database of UK companies. We use this information for data appending, market analysis, penetration reporting and tracking trends in customer data.

We've set up some simple reports to monitor company size and are offering them for free here. Contact us if you need more detailed reports - for example are you interested in how your customer base is fairing during this time?

The shaded more recent areas of the chart are still taking shape as we gather data, the darker the shading the less data we have available, these areas often show a more extreme outlook than the final one once we've collected data from all of the companies for that period.

These charts are interactive, click on the relevant coloured blocks in the legend to add or remove the associated line on that graph.

Charts updated on: 19th July 2023

Percent of companies shrinking by industry

Percent of companies growing by industry

Percent of companies shrinking by region

Percent of companies growing by region

Chart Information & FAQ

The graphs above are based on year on year employee head count of millions of private companies. Percentages are based on only the companies that we have information for, with 100% being the total number of companies we have employee size on, not 100% of the companies that exist. If a company is showing more employees than they did for the previous year, then they are growing, if less then shrinking. These trends build up over time as companies file their accounts. When a company files their accounts, we add their result to the relevant time period accounts were filed for (not when they were submitted). As we update the graphs every so often the picture develops, all quarters within the graph will be updated based on new companies filing their accounts and the quarter the accounts are filed for.

Why employee head count, not turnover? Using the sources at our disposal we can get up to date employee head count for over ten times the number of companies we can get turnover information for.

How many companies contribute to the graphs? Currently, the graphs are based on information from over 700,000 companies, as time goes on this figure should increase.

Why are some industries within the legend not available in the graph? The graph is dynamic, click the colour of the relevant industry in the legend and the graph will show that industry, click it again to remove it.

Information on this page is not to be re-sold or re-published without consent. Oblong (UK) Ltd is not responsible for conclusions drawn from the graphs or use of underlying data.

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