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Manual data cleansing
Manual data cleaning

All the technology in the world can't beat the intuition of a human brain.

We manually clean data
In most cases the only possible way to get your data pristine is to manually clean it. We offer automated processing followed my manual quality checks & tidying. Even with cutting edge technology, Artificial Intelligence etc computers can't do everything. The subtle nuances in data and free flow text can throw any system, this is where our manual research team come in. They specialise in creating hand crafted top quality data, either quality checking and enhancing what our systems have produced or starting from scratch.

Manual assisted data matching
We are experts at data enhancing and cleaning. In particular for business data where we use our Unity software to match your business customer list to our business databases, creating a link that can then be used to enhance and polish your data.

As authors of Unity, the most sophisticated matching software available, we know you can't cater for every situation. There
is a delicate balance between maximising the number of matches and minimising the number of mismatches between databases. Our team aid the matching process by checking computer generated links between databases and removing the bad links.

Cleaning your own data can be bad
   o Tedious => Motivation problems
   o Too many people => Inconsistencies
   o Demoralising => Let your staff do what they do best
   o Never ending => If it's not a priority
   o Bulk updates => Can introduce other errors
   o Slow progress => Expensive

Manual data cleansing
Our dedicated and growing team of manual data boffins are on hand to clean, enhance & check data. We'll go that extra mile to improve the quality of your data. If you have a bespoke manual data requirement drop us a line and we'll see what we can do to help! Don't worry, it doesn't have to be a business data enquiry, we clean all sorts. 

Manual data appending
Need some data researching and information adding to your data? As long as the source information is available, we can perform research and manually improve the data. The key here is flexibility, if you need a data task performing manually and the building blocks are available then we can do it for you.

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