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Below is some information about our most popular business databases:

Premium business universe (£230+VAT per thousand*)
Containing information on over 1.6 million businesses and researched on a 10 month cycle. This data contains information is great for email marketing and campaigns where you need the name of the most senior person on site and their company email address. We supply this data on a 12 month lease.

Oblong business universe (£120+VAT per thousand*)
Containing information on over 1.2 million businesses and researched on a 12 month cycle. We are constantly growing, updating and improving this data. This data contains, core business information - including: address, size, industry, telephone & generic email address. We can add director names if required. We supply this data for outright purchase.

* Discounts will be given based the number of records purchased.

Startups our New incorporations list (published weekly)
Getting your foot in the door with new businesses can be a great business strategy. We monitor businesses from when they are first incorporated, and when they look to be making headway we further research the company and put their details in our new business list. These companies will be looking to take on many different types of goods and service.

Growing business list (published weekly)
We continually monitor business growth indicators. Our growing business list gives details of companies that have shown strong growth within the last 15 months. This data currently shows businesses with good growth before Covid-19 but over the coming months it will start including businesses that grew during and after Covid-19. These companies are likely to have a larger spend than the average company and are more likely to be looking for extra goods and services.

Business Anniversary list (published weekly)
A list of companies that are nearing the month in which they established their company. These companies are more likely to be renewing contracts and using up/setting budgets around this time of year. 

Companies House Repeat Feeds
Need a subset of Companies House information on a regular basis? We can provide regular feeds of Companies House data based on your defined criteria, we can include a growing number of attributes such as company size and director details. We can offer a very low cost per thousand records, giving you the data you require without the headache.

The Oblong business universe only contains business information collected for legitimate purposes it is GDPR compliant. Where we broker data we only use GDPR compliant suppliers.

Business Data Wholesale
Our full business universe can be licenced for various purposes. We are currently offering extremely good deals to new customers.

UK Business database breakdown:

There are 2.6 million businesses in the UK that pay VAT or are on the PAYE system. Our databases try and include as many of these businesses as we can plus many Small Office/Home Office (SoHo) businesses.

Selecting Data

You can purchase data lists by SIC code, number of employees, postal area and much more in any way you see fit. Pick the fields you want on your extract. We can also suppress your existing data, to stop you paying for records you already have.


We sell data for business mailing lists, email campaigns,
telemarketing, satellite navigation, business
directories, magazine mailings, leaflet distribution.

Got a business data requirement? How can we help?

Free samples & counts

We'll do what we can to make sure you know you are getting data that is fit for your purpose. To this end we'll perform free counts, quotations and offer samples of our data.

Oblong Business Universe

We formed in 2006 and soon started creating a business database purely to add SIC (industry) information to our clients databases, around 5 years ago we started collecting company size information and more recently telephone numbers, website addresses, generic email addresses and much more! Our aim over the next few years it to build our database into a database of around 2 million live trading companies.


If you have an issue with data you've purchased let us know, in the unlikely event that there is a problem with the data we'll replace records or issue a credit.

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