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What is a SOC code?

The Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) is a classification of occupational information. SOC codes turn free flowing text about employees into useful codes that can be used to compare and group data together. A SOC code can generally be given based on a jobtitle and/or a list of duties that a person performs in a company. The type of company, retail, construction, manufacture can impact a SOC code. The current UK SOC taxonomy is the 2010 SOC system which is administered by the Office for National Statistics. SOC 2010 contains nine major groups, 25 sub-major groups, 90 minor groups and 369 individual SOC codes. 

Our method...

Automated & Manual SOC coding.

We have automated systems than can apply a UK SOC code based on the following attributes: Company name, SIC code, Job title, Job description, Qualification required. We don't need all of these attributes but the more that is available the better.

Once our automated system has performed its SOC coding, we can then manually check the data and fill any gaps. Our manual research team specialise in classifying data.

If you have a SOC coding project in mind then drop us a line, we would be happy to help if we can.

SOC Major group structure

1: Managers, directors and senior officials
2: Professional occupations
3: Associate professional and technical occupations
4: Administrative and secretarial occupations
5: Skilled trades occupations
6: Caring, leisure and other service occupations
7: Sales and customer service occupations
8: Process, plant and machine operatives
9: Elementary occupations

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