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Is your business data GDPR compliant?

We provide business data under legitimate interests. We do not collect personal information, the information we collect, store and sell is all business related.

Don't buy cheap a complete business universe for £200, it will be poor quality.

To purchase our complete business marketing database would cost tens of thousands of pounds.

Request counts that fit your requirements and get a free sample. Compare counts to other sellers and test the sample.

We give free samples and counts.

Ask about research cycles of the data, how often is it updated? A good database should be updated in its entirety in less than a year.

We are currently researching our database on an annual cycle, with some businesses being checked more than once within that time.

Make sure you know what usage limits and attributes come with the data, you may have to pay extra for emails etc.

Our data comes with 1 year usage and all attributes available at one price. There are no hidden costs.

If purchasing data for a telemarketing campaign make sure you know about the TPS/CTPS registers. Your supplier should be able to suppress or flag records with TPS/CTPS numbers.

Our data comes TPS & CTPS flagged and we’ll exclude these records if you need.

Be aware of pushy sales people. Some companies will call you once a month or more asking if you want more data. If they seem too keen from the outset you might want to walk away.

Our policy is not to chase, we are here when you need us.

You should be able to buy data by industry sector, company size & geographic location (at the very minimum).

We offer industry, size & geographic selections and much more.

Check that the data falls within DMA (Direct Marketing Association) guidelines.

We are not DMA registered but we adhere to their guidlines on data quality.

Find out what the supplier’s policy is on email bounces/bad records. Will they refund you for bad data, or give you a credit?

We make sure the data is the reason for the bounces and in this unlikely scenario we offer a refund or a credit.

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